About Chris


Since 2002 I have been self employeed and have worked with hypnosis, coaching and teaching/training.

I have a background within management and personal development. I have a lot of experience as a manager within the telecommunications industry and IT.

I work internationally with teaching/training in hypnosis, management and NLP. The past years I have on a regular basis worked in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belarus and Cyprus. The types om companies that I have worked with are from small, medium and large international companies.

I am the author of the danish book “Hypnoterapeutens Håndbog” (The hypnotherapists Handbook) and “Limbisk Lederskab” and have published a music CD with hypnosis music “Deeper Hypnosis“.


Some of the education I have taken:

– Executive MBA (Master in Business Administration)
– Hypnotherapist (Member of NGH)
– NLP Master Trainer (Member of ICTA)
– Enneagram Trainer (Member of ICTA)
– DISC Certified (Thomas International)

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Social media

My profile on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChrisGrewDK
My profile on LinkedIn: http://dk.linkedin.com/in/chrisgrew



I work with Dentanet. Dentanet is a professional network of dentist. I help them with HR issues and also do coaching, team motivation, crisis management, sales, hypnosis and change managemenet. Visit Dentanets homepage: www.DentaNet.dk

Helene Makani

I have worked with Helene Makani for many years. Helene works internationally and Helene is an Enneagram expert. She has written several books on the Enneagram. Read more: www.9typer.no


I have worked with PS4 for many years.  PS4 is konsultancy house and they work with employee and management development.and with different courses. PS4 have developed the product AnotherStep. Read more: www.PS4.dk

Ibsing og Fornitz

Ibsing og Fornitz work with well-being and job satisfaction, primarily in the public sector. I teach on some of their courses. Visit their homepage:  www.trivselogarbejdsglaede.dk

Coaching Centre “School of creative decisions” by Tamara Suhakova, Minsk, Belarus

I have worked with Tamra since 2008. Tamara is an International Enneagram, NLP Trainer and HR-Coach. Tamara’s Coaching Centre was one of the first coaching schools in Belarus. She educates and makes interesting courses for companies, for those, who wants to be a coach and for personal growth. Read more here: www.mkr.by